Knitting with Two Colors by Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen due in December

Knitting with Two Colors by Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen

The latest Schoolhouse Press Newsletter announced a new book from Meg Swansen. This new book is available for pre-order at this time, and will be shipped in December, just in time as a Christmas gift for your favorite knitter. If you pre-order now, you will receive free shipping!

This new book ‘Knitting with Two Colors’ is a year-long collaboration with Meg,  Amy Detjen and Cullen Swansen to bring new tools to the knitter to sharpen your two color knitting abilities and to help you realize that more ‘difficult’ types of knitting, like bohus patterns, are not above your skill level.

Part of the newsletter from Meg Swansen describes the thought process behind the development of the book:

During the past year, I have been at work with Amy Detjen and Cully Swansen, on a new book about color techniques. Knitting with Two Colors is the result of our combined decades of color knitting experience. Not only do we present techniques gathered through our knitting practice, we also offer a generous amount of original material developed by Elizabeth Zimmermann, Amy Detjen, Joyce Williams, Cully Swansen, and me.

Think of the varied and splendid panoply of color pattern knitting extant in the world: Turkish stockings, Latvian mittens, Icelandic yoke sweaters, Peruvian Chula caps, Swedish Bohus sweaters, Armenian garments, Norwegian Lus jackets, Estonian mittens and socks, British Fair Isle patterns, Macedonian tent socks, Faroe Islands sweater, etc. Such riches.

Schoolhouse Press continues to keep the art of knitting alive Ala  Elizabeth Zimmerman, with new books by fabulous authors.  Check out the upcoming and new books page for more information and to order.


  1. Carolyn White says:

    Could I order this book Knitting with Two Colors by Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen due in December
    pay for it here and have it delivered to my sister in England? How much would this all cost?

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